A big part of manipulating¬† and understanding¬†data is creating visuals. For the past few years I’ve been using the standard libraries of python (matplotlib.pyplot), but yesterday I was recommended to usa a language that embeds data nicely into HTML scripts called D3.

This is a JavaScript library that eases presenting and manipulating data on documents and claims to be consistent across all browsers (*most*, except some old versions of Explorer). Here you can see a nice demo.

Scott Murray from USF has an excellent tutorial to get one started. It is detailed with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

This is just a short blurb to mention the existence of D3, for¬† those who not aware of it, not an expert’s reference.

Hopefully, with time, I’ll have more to show using D3.

July 24th 2014:

In the spirit of everything python, I came across a library that provides tools to make D3.js like plots, called Bokeh. See their gallery here for a few examples.


July 27th 2014:

I was just made aware of Mike Bostock’s public notebooks. Thanks John Whitmore!